LG GP60NS50 Slim Portable USB power DVD Rewriter - Silver

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  • Manufactured by: LG
  • Model: GP60NS50
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The M-DISC uses a patent rock-like recording surface instead of organic dye to etch your data onto a disc. The M-DISC has been tested and proven to outlast standard DVDs currently on the market.
Jamless play automatically prevents stop video playback in case of damaged disc, such as scratches or fingerprints by jumping through the erroneous data or damaged areas. As a disc is being read, Silent Play technology automatically controls the disc read speed for optimal noise reduction.


Summary Drive Type     External
OPERATING SYSTEMS OPERATING SYSTEMS     Windows 7, Windows Vista™, Windows XP, Mac OS® X
TYPE TYPE     Portable DVD Rewriter
DVD-R (DL)     2x CLV, 4x PCAV, 6x PCAV
M-DISC     4x
DVD-RAM     2x, 3x ZCLV, 5x PCAV (Ver.2.2) (12x Media: Not supported)
DVD+R (DL)     2.4x CLV, 4x PCAV, 6x PCAV
DVD+R     2.4x CLV, 4x PCAV, 8x CAV
DVD+RW     2.4x, 3.3x CLV, 4x ZCLV, 8x ZCLV (8x speed disc: 3.3x CLV, 8x ZCLV)
CD-R     10x CLV, 16x PCAV, 24x CAV
CD-RW     4x, 10xCLV, 16x ZCLV, 24x ZCLV (High Speed: 10xCLV,Ultra Speed: 24x ZCLV,Ultra Speed plus: 24x ZCLV)
DVD-RW     2x CLV, 4x, 6x ZCLV
DVD-Video (CSS Compliant Disc)     4x max (Single/Dual layer)
CD-R/RW/ROM     24x/24x/24x max
CD-DA (DAE)     24x max
DVD-RAM(Ver.2.2)     5x max
DVD-R/RW/ROM     8x/8x/8x max
DVD-R DL     8x max
DVD+R DL     8x max
DVD+R/+RW     8x/8x max
ACCESS TIME DVD-ROM     167 ms typ
CD-ROM     139 ms typ
DVD-RAM (Ver.2.2)     203 ms typ
SUSTAINED RATE DVD-ROM     11.08Mbytes/s(8x) max.
CD-ROM     3,600 kB/s(24x) max.
BUFFER SIZE BUFFER SIZE     0.75MB Under-run prevention function embedded
HOST INTERFACE External (Host)     USB 2.0 (480Mbits/s)
COMPLIANCE EMC/EMI     CE Marking, C-Tick Mark, Korean EMC(KCC), Taiwan EMC(BSMI), VCCI, FCC
Safety UL     TUV, SEMKO, CB & IEC60825-1 Report, FDA, GOST, NOM, CSA
Laser Safety     Class 1 laser product comply with DHHS rules 21 CFR Subchapter J Class 1 laser product to EN60825-1 / IEC 60825-1
WEIGHT WEIGHT     0.44lbs (200g)
BURST TRANSFER RATE USB High-Speed     480 Mbps (60 Mbyte/s)
USB Full-Speed     12Mbps (1.5Mbyte/s)
DIMENSIONS (W xH xD) Dimensions (WxHxD)     5.67" x 5.41" x 0.55" (144 x 137.5 x 14mm)

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